Friday, January 09, 2015


I was going to write a post about how the photo of me at the side of the blog is out of date and how I might be committing fraud by having it there, and how I should find a new one that doesn’t make me look too awful. That photo was taken in April 2008, so it’s out of date by seven summers of sitting in the sun sans sun screen - get a load of that alliteration that just popped out - ten trips to sunny California, the stress of self-publishing two books, and the grief of losing my mother. I aged five years when my mother died.

I like this photo a lot that Isaac took in Sausalito


but it was October 2008 so it’s also out of date.

The hunt is on for a replacement photo.

Meanwhile, I’m wrestling with all kinds of darkness  - global, local, seasonal. And yet I live in a house with views that are wide and lovely, I have enough to eat, the house is cosy (and becoming cosier by the day, as Dave installs insulation up against the puny post-war utility rafters) and I love my family and my friends. I don’t want to moan, so I’m taking a short break. I might decide to post just a photo of something domestic every day. You could check in. Otherwise, I’ll see you in ten days.

With love.

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Christine said...

You are not committing fraud. The old photo still looks like you.