Sunday, January 18, 2015

Good morning!

I am sitting in bed swathed in my worn and patched - and yet still holey - eau de nil cashmere hoodie (circa 2007) trying – after a week off – to remember how I write a post. It’s 6.53 a.m. Now I am compos mentis, Dave has put on his bib and brace and is up in the loft working on his huge insulation project.

I’ve been awake for hours with stuff going round in my head, one of which was the job with a six figure salary (with my own driver) that I was offered last night. Yes it was a dream, but I always like to understand my dreams. I turned the job down, by the way. I wouldn’t take any kind of salary to swap my current life for a corporate one.

I like living here and being free to decide how I spend my time, even if it does mean my cashmere hoodie is beyond any kind of repair that would make it wearable in polite society.

For one thing I have time to pick up the boys from school and play Monopoly with Tate for an hour and a half before tea.

monopoly with tate

And I have time to have them in bed in the morning and get to know what they like playing when they have their rationed “screen time.”



Anonymous said...

I approve of your decision to reject the corporate offer! There are some things in life that are just more important than a huge salary and cars. But just out of curiosity, what would you have been doing had you said yes?

Sue Hepworth said...

I was going to have to network and attend events in which I would be expected to answer complex questions about "my" company with no preparation and on the hoof.
But I have no idea what the company was. It might have been a quango...

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure you'd have been brilliant but I think you made the right decision. Monopoly with the g'kids has to be more!