Sunday, March 22, 2015

A new experience

On Saturday I had a new experience.

A greetings card display made me cry.

I was in a gift shop in Boulder twirling a carousel of beautifully simple, colourful,  block printed cards and you know how they have categories such as Birthday and Sympathy and Good Luck? There was one called Encouragement. I'm always in need of encouragement  - you know what a wuss I am -  so I checked out the cards. In any case, it's nice to have a bank of greetings cards when someone you love has a need of some kind.

The first one I picked up said
"I made you a kite so you'd have to look up"

And my eyes filled with tears.


My best friend just died. Yes.
And in my quiet times, I am currently engrossed in Vera Brittain's moving memoir of the First World War - A Testament of Youth.

But to cry at a greetings card in a shop?
It's weird.
This morning I came across this tweet from Liz Winstead, the co creator of the Daily Show. I think it holds the answer.
"When life gives you lemons you find out where all the tiny cuts on your hand are."

I think it's quite deep.


marmee said...

Oh I am going to keep and treasure the lemon comment!! For me it operates after something wonderful as well, like after my grandson was born and all my emotions were right below the surface...and so intense...

And so to segue to: happy happy visit to the children and grandchildren..

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Marmee. I'm having a lovely time.

Yes - those damn emotions so often take me by surprise....

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Your comment caught me as I count down the hours till my second grandchild is due to be born by C section tomorrow morning. The tears are just below the surface with the anxiety and the barely suppressed excitement

It is wonderful that you are having these days with your gorgeous little Boulderites. ENJOY.

Sue Hepworth said...

Oh, all my good wishes for mother and child.