Sunday, March 08, 2015


I am unhelpfully addicted to pork scratchings, the colour turquoise, and patchwork.

Let’s start with patchwork. It’s tedious, infuriating, and soul-destroying.

I have complained about it on the blog about patchwork before – here, and here. So why do I do it?

I should start by saying that I am a purist in that I only use scrap material, which may include jumble sale booty. I am not a purist in so far as I do use a sewing machine. It is not the sewing that interests me, and that – of course – is the heart of the problem. I make patchwork quilts because I love fabrics and more than that, I love COLOUR!

Here’s one I made when Tate was born, for his cot:

Cot quilt for Tate

And here’s one I made when Lux was born for her cot:

June 2010 138

Now, they weren’t tedious or traumatic to make. Maybe I should concentrate on quilts for babies.

Here’s a full size one I made for Isaac and Wendy as a wedding present, which was still in use this week:

kids in patchwork

Because patchwork is so arduous, I have considered painting instead, but you can’t put a painting on your bed and wake up every morning and enjoy it, as I have with the quilt that’s been on our bed since 2007. This is a traditional Shaker design, similar to the one I did for Isaac and Wendy:

march08 005

Now – after two designs, more than two years and much cursing, the current one is finished. Here’s a design I rejected and unpicked:

patchwork 016

Here’s the one I just finished, an abstract sunset, using many of the same patches:

patchwork March 2015

I like it a lot. Tonight it’s going on the bed. But if I ever mention again that I am thinking of making another full size quilt, please, please, make me see sense.


Ash said...

I'm very impressed if you've managed to gather scrap fabric for so many quilts. That's something I have yet to manage and so quilts actually cost a lot and don't have any memories attached other than when and why they were made. I'm itching to get started on a new one - bet when I do I'll wonder why I didn't take notice of your own plea!! Lol!

Sue Hepworth said...

Ah, now I have guessed who Ash is!

Yes to the memories. The one I made for Lux had fabrics from clothes worn by me, Zoe, my mother and my grandmother. I thought it was nice for her to have so many scraps from relatives in "the old country."

Jessie said...

Would it be cruel to say that I think they're beautiful (particularly the design that you rejected!) and would like to commission one??!!

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jessie
If you ever have a baby, I will make you a cot one. How's that?

Jessie said...

Deal!!! Xx