Saturday, March 28, 2015

Outdoor living

It's 24 degrees here today and we've just come home from a bike ride to brunch (kids in the trailer ) and then to this park with a view of the mountains. There's a play area and loads of fitness training equipment there. I had a go on most of it. It was fun! Boulder is so fitness conscious, there are bike lanes on most of the roads, and a complex network of bike routes weaving between the houses. 

This table from Wikipedia gives you further clues as to what Boulder is like.

It's a good place to be, and although I packed my suitcase as if for a British holiday, the weather has been sunny almost every single day. Only on Wednesday did it sleet and rain. The daffodils have come out this week, and buds are breaking out on the trees. Lux has drawn a spring mural. 

The only physical difficulty is you have to keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. It's dry here and it's 5,000 feet high, and if you don't drink a lot of water you don't feel well. 

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