Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A brief encounter

Sometimes I write a blog post and I fail to get across what I wanted to say in the way I wanted to say it. I feel like that about yesterday’s post. I may delete it.

Today is a picture postcard, with no nuances, delicate or otherwise.

The Lancaster canal runs through Carnforth, a spitting distance from the railway station, where David Lean filmed Brief Encounter. I saw Brief Encounter once and hated it. Here’s a trailer. I prefer Victoria Wood’s parody. I like the atmosphere and the photography of the film but Trevor Howard is a million miles from my idea of a romantic hero, which is a huge deal for me. And I have other quibbles.

But I did want to see the refreshment room on the platform to see where it all happened. We went for a coffee (excellent) and a freshly made scone (delicious) and we had a huge long chat with Andrew who runs the place. It was brill. He let me have my picture taken behind the bar.




The adjoining refreshment room…


And here is the station clock which also features in the film:



ana said...

Soooo exciting! I just love that film. And the radio play too. So it's a treat to see your photos and that walkway and clock. Evocative magic. Is it the music that makes me love it? Possibly. Did see the touring (Cornish)Kneehigh Theatre Co production in New York and it was splendid. Just splendid. No doubt you can google it or whatever but linking to anything is not my strength. So envious of your film encounter and glad they indulged you as they should have.

Sue Hepworth said...

It was great fun and very evocative. There is a small heritage centre on the platform with more history. And there is another refreshment room, too, adjoining, a photo of which I am just now going to post with the other pictures.

Ash said...

Lovely photos (you look very well, Sue). Agree with you about the film...