Monday, May 25, 2015

Aging well

I am vain. And I don’t like looking old. And that’s why I had the profile pic below (from April 2008) on my blog until this year. There wasn’t another one taken in the last seven years that I liked as much.

Sue Hepworth 1

Then at my nephew’s wedding reception last month, my younger brother was sitting opposite me and took some photos I approved of. The new one at the side >>>>>is one of them. I like it, but I think it makes me look a bit matronly. Whereas this one makes me look more fun:

Why am I going on about all of this when last week I was talking about refugees? Look: I am shallow as well as sensitive.

I just binge-watched the whole of a new Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, about two seventy-year-old women, whose husbands have left them for each other – i.e. the men love each other and want to get married. The series has several flaws. As one example, there are issues raised which are only glanced at, when I would want them explored more fully. But this isn’t a review.

The stars are Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen.


But the women are the main focus – how refreshing – and it’s their different images which interests me.

Jane Fonda plays Grace, who is uptight and cold, formal, conservative, and is always, always beautifully made-up, coiffed and dressed. She is thin and beautiful. She looks 64, she plays 70, but in real life she is 77. Amazing. And yet finally (!) I don’t want to have her body. She looks fake. And uncomfortable. And you couldn’t cuddle her.

Lily Tomlin, who plays Frankie, is the one I am mesmerised by. She is a warm aging hippie, with long thick hair, not beautiful like Fonda, but she has a really interesting face, and arty, way-out clothes, very stylish. It’s Tomlin who intrigues me. And yes, she does look cuddlable. And fun.

I think I’ve just found out where this blog post is going: I’ve reached a new stage in the aging process. I no longer want to look like an aging rock chick. I want to be like Frankie: to look unconventionally stylish, interesting, comfortable and fun. And if any of you know where Lily Tomlin/Frankie gets her clothes, please tell me.


Ash said...

I keep hearing about this series, I must sign up to Netflix soon. With you on admiring Jane Fonda but not wanting to be her, it must cost a lot to defy the ageing process that much don't you think? Far more important things (like being interesting and having fun for example) to spend your precious time and money on.

BTW, those latest photos are really nice, an improvement on the earlier one if you don't mind me saying :-)

Sue Hepworth said...

I don't mind your saying so at all!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ash.

You are more present in these latest photos - less tentative, more ... gorgeous.

And I read this weekend that Jane Fonda regrets the 'work' and wishes she'd held out.