Friday, May 22, 2015

Three things I learned this week

The list is a hotchpotch, but if you know my blog,  you’ll take that on the chin.

Two domestic

1/ I need to wear my varifocals if I want to see when the house needs cleaning, otherwise I am oblivious to the dirt and dust. Dave would say I’m oblivious anyway, but that’s not true.

2/ I keep trying to clear invasive Spanish bluebells from my garden (which are not the same as the lovely deep blue wild English ones.) If you pick them from your garden and put them in a vase they droop, so I have never bothered, but the girls picked posies the last day they were here


and after a couple of days the flowers perked up and looked lovely. So now I’m picking them. I may as well enjoy the buggers inside. Here I’ve put them with some white stocks (from the Co-op.)


One publishing

3/ I thought I felt comfortable putting several journal entries about Pa’s dying on my blog, but now I find that I’m not. I don’t mind my regular readers seeing ALL of it. But I realised when I read the next journal entry – the one for May 20th – that it was too personal to share with just anyone, and after all, it’s not just my trusted regular readers who come here.

It would be different if I published it as an ebook, and people knew what they were buying. That would feel OK. So if I go ahead and do it, you, dear readers will be the first ones I tell, after my sibs.


Ash said...

Lovely display of flowers...

I'm definately coming round to seeing (or not) the value of needing glasses these days. Amazing how long I can avoid noticing the dust if I don't put them on too often...

ana said...

Leaving off the glasses is a sure fire way to relax at home!
Sweet story about the posies, with a perfect moral.