Saturday, May 09, 2015

Grown-up hiatus

We all went to Chatsworth Farm and Adventure Playground and had fun


and then for 24 hours the children left us. Isaac and Wendy, Lux and Cecilia, went to stay with Zoe and family in Sheffield and I got to sleep in my own bed, cycle early on the Monsal Trail in the sunshine, weed the strawberry patch, make a pasta sauce and chocolate mousses, think about the changes I need to make to the screenplay, and try to make myself feel better about the election results.

They came home at teatime and the fun returned. Hooray! We played garages by the fire with a box of dinky toys from the fifties (my childhood), seventies (Isaac’s childhood), and eighties (the childhood of the family member who declines to be named.) 

Lux was on sales: “Everything is on sale today, so this car will be one dollar.” Cece assisted, except when she was a customer: “I crashed my car and I need a safer one.” “OK,” said Lux, “this one has seatbelts.”

Lux was an excellent saleswoman: “I will clean this one off and take off the tag and deliver it to your door.”

Isaac and I played a series of customers with specific requests.…

“I am a pig and I need a car to take my piglets to school.” 

“I want a car that is pink when I go to see my friends and red when I go to see my mother.”

pink car

red car 

It’s rainy again this morning, but we have our toys and our imaginations. And we still have our marbles. 

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