Thursday, July 30, 2015

everyday life

Life at Hepworth Towers has been hectic this week. Dave gets up very early (typically at 5 a.m.) and starts to dismantle something downstairs so he can paint and decorate. I stumble down at six (comatose) for my first mug of tea and have difficulty finding the kettle. This does my head in. Dave is usually listening to the news on the radio so when I have located and switched on said kettle (which sounds like Concorde taking off) it does his head in.

I am a pain in the neck when he is working on the house, and he likes me to go away. I like to go away when he is working on the house. The trouble is that when he gets the urge to do something he needs to get on with it pronto, and I am not going away until September.

I love what he has painted so far. I am SO LUCKY to live with a handyman. He makes a huge difference. Look at this lovely blue door to the cupboard under the stairs with its nice new latch:


Look at these nice ‘new’ salvaged hooks and the blue porch door:


Ignore the messy porch beyond stuffed with etcetera and the poncy bike that’s too fancy to live in the shed with mine.

Dave is a domestic tornado. All I have to do is bite my lip, choose colours, fetch paint, administer appreciation, and put up with mess.

Today is a day off: he has gone to help someone in Coventry with do-it-yourself.

I am writing.

And I want to say something important: Thank you for responding to my cry for help yesterday, and so promptly, those of you who did.


marmee said...

So like those hooks!

been thinking and thinking re you genre issue: the first one that pops up is Last tango in Halifax ..but if I recall you took agin the last season? And going back a bit I recalled Gavin and Stacey??

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Marmee, the hooks are from a school that was demolished.
re genre - I think mine is a cross between Last Tango and As Time Goes by.
it's less dramatic (and soapy) than Last Tango, and the dialogue is more quirky than As Time goes by. Last Tango is classed as a comedy drama. ATGB is a sitcom. The trouble with describing something as Last Tango meets as Time goes by is that it immediately pigeonholes something and this is not always helpful.
I adored As Time Goes By but when I imagine it without Dench and Palmer, and I read the dialogue, it is not funny. This is so weird. Does it mean the series would not have been successful with different casting?
(and this makes me wonder again, who could play Sol.)

marmee said...

No..that is the problem! The story line feels less melodramatic than Last Tango...and much as I love Time goes by ; it is more fluffy than the tale you tell.

I notice the hooks because i am constantly looking for good-looking yet utilitarian hooks for coats!

marmee said...

Maybe there is a dash of One Foot in The grave?

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes. There might be. The trouble is I only ever watched a couple of episodes and don't know it well.