Monday, August 03, 2015

What’s concerning me

I could write a chirrupping post about how many jars of blackcurrant jam we’ve made (50) and how we’ve had to stop because we’ve run out of jam jars. Or I could write a sad post about how I miss Mary. Both of them would be true.

But what’s eating away at me is the UK government’s callous attitude towards the refugees in Calais, who are desperate to get into the UK to settle and work. These are people fleeing from war, starvation and much, much worse.

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I’ve just found a charity in Calais that does great work with them. It’s here. If you would like to donate, follow my link and then click on ‘Contact.’

And the United Nations High Council for Refugees also helps refugees. Here’s a link to their website.


marmee said...

I have so many feelings around this! But for the main it feels like the bits of the world that don't matter have turned up in the bit that does....and it the response is more barbed wire.

Re your dear mary: I felt bad that you might feel I disrespected the loss you feel...and I so don't. For the longest time i would actually go to the phone to call my friend Ann ..but if i allowed myself to feel her as "here" the scratchiness of the pain lessened. In my case, my friend had had a difficult and often painful life and so it is easier for me to try be unselfish and think that leaving this life behind is maybe better for her.

By the way, you have mention being Quaker? Could you at some stage, if you are comfortable with doing it, expound on what that means to you and your beliefs?

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Marmee
first - I never thought for one moment you were disrespectful - only sympathetic. You are always sympathetic.
second - re the Quakerism - I did once write a post about this and it's here
I hope the link works.
If not, just Google "Quakerism for Beginners" and Sue Hepworth in the same search
Tell me if you want to know more, when you've read it.