Monday, August 31, 2015

Not writing but pitching

I’ve just been making lemon curd to take my mind off the bloody pitch that’s been screwing up my brain for the past week month forever. On Friday night I even had a nightmare in which my mentor (who’s a screenwriter’s screenwriter) called in unannounced and said “I have five minutes to spare. Let’s get your pitch sorted out.” And I couldn’t find the papers.
The other reason I haven’t blogged since Friday is because tomorrow I am a guest blogger on a poet’s blog. A real poet. The one who edited that anthology Lifesaving Poems that I’ve been going on at you about. We’d been having an interchange on Twitter and he asked me to write a guest post and I was bowled over and said “Yes.”
But it’s not the fact that I will be a guest blogger on a classy blog that’s been freaking me out, it’s what he said in today’s post, flagging mine up -
To mark the start of this new season I am posting a brand new guest blog post here tomorrow morning. It is by the wonderful Sue Hepworth, whose blog is essential reading.
Do stop by and read it.
How can I write a blog post on my OWN blog after that? People who don’t usually read my blog will visit. Poets will come. The kind of people who understand every one of the allusions in The Waste Land will come. The kind of people who take A Little Life to bed, in the same way that I would take a hot water bottle and Garrison Keillor. My regular readers know what an intellectual low-life I am. Visitors don’t.
I’m a humble blogger. Sometimes my posts stand re-reading. Sometimes they don’t. So if you’re new here, and what you’ve read so far is rubbish, you could try my post on Perfectionism and all its faults. That was well received.

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