Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Calming down

I’m sorry I’ve been over the top just lately.  Sally Howe (from my Plotting novels) seems to have been writing some of my posts. I mean! Just look at Not writing but pitching
Remember when she went to see the doctor about various symptoms and he said it was psychosomatic, a result of strain, and she was reacting like that because she had an artistic sensibility? And she said…
I am going back to bed. I may be missing the best spring weather in a century, but at least I have an artistic sensibility. Yah boo, world!
I was over-excited about being on someone else’s blog. I’m better now. It’s wonderfully calming playing castle Lego and then snoozing in a deckchair in the sunshine for an hour and a half while my grandsons play lifeboats in a neighbour’s swimming pool, even if the older one is applying to join the RNLI and the younger one makes him have three work trials before he makes the grade. (They’ve just come home from the Scillies where they saw a lot of lifeboats.)

The other thing that’s helped has been the family member who declines to be named coming home from his hols in Croatia and telling me I need to forget about the pitch for a while: only with some distance will I ever get it right. It just happens that next week I’m going to Colorado to see Lux and Cece.
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That should be sufficiently far away to get a new perspective.

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