Friday, November 13, 2015

Have you ever felt like a dumbo?

Have you ever listened to a book programme on the radio and heard Mariella Frostrup asking a Russian writer why he had used Old English and current English in his novel, and often both in the same paragraph, and heard him say it was because there was no such thing as time?


and again


And have you ever been waiting for medical results that didn’t arrive, and wanting to check your mobile phone for messages, and unable to find it, rung it up from the house phone, and then on locating it found there was a missed call from an unknown number, and thought Aha! The hospital and the GP withhold their phone numbers, and then rang both to see if they had left a message and got a No on both counts and been utterly baffled, and then an hour later realised that you yourself have a withheld number and the missed call was you trying to locate your phone?


From now on I may just blog in cave-woman grunts.

Here is a November photo taken from up the Trail, to take your mind off the long dark nights that are here for the next three months.



Anonymous said...

Sue: the photo is lovely (thank you), the Russian is a pretentious twit and you are funny. Not laughing at you, but with you. Hope the results arrive very soon - waiting is the worst thing, isn't it.

Clothes In Books said...

Oh that missed call one resonates with me.
Also, I often send myself emails to remind myself of something. And I still hear the ping and go 'ooh, I wonder what that is?' and rush to look, even though I pressed 'send' myself seconds before.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Anonymous - calling me funny is one of my most coveted compliments.
And Moira (Clothes in Books) - I email myself in just the same way and often react like you!