Friday, January 15, 2016

All quiet at Hepworth Towers

My brother Pete asked me why I hadn't blogged. The answer is that I've had nothing to say.

Today I am very sad about the death of Alan Rickman. He was a great actor, and he sounds as if he was a thoroughly nice person too. And if you've been reading my blog since 2014 you'll know that the person I dreamed of playing Sol in the screen version of But I Told You Last Year That I loved You was Alan Rickman. 

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Anonymous said...

A sad loss - deep sigh, there must be someone else out there who while not being quite like Alan Rickman will do justice to your writing. Yes this has been a week to remind us of our mortality - we need to be able to sit Shiva before carrying on - no harm in rediscovering what is really important to us. Jen