Thursday, February 11, 2016

A jewel

"I hold dead friends like jewels in my hand
Watching their brilliance gleam against my palm
Turquoise and emerald, jade, a golden band..." Sasha Moorsom

My dearest friend Mary died on February 13th a year ago. 

What is there to say about her that I haven't already said?  She was my soul-friend, my anam cara. She's here with me right now: I carry her in my heart. I always will.

“But oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject; with whom one's deepest as well as one's most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely.

Oh, the comfort — the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person — having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.”

Dinah Craik


Liz said...

With love to you and to Mary. Thank you Sue xx

Christine said...

I am sorry. 'Precious friends hid in death's dateless night.' Sonnet 30 (I think). Shakespeare knew all about it.

Sue Hepworth said...

That's a lovely quote, Chrissie. Thank you. xx And thank you, Liz, for your message. xx