Friday, March 25, 2016

missing persons

OK. I've had my three days R and R, my peace and quiet, my catching up on my writing, my lengthy chats with Dave. Now I want my small companions back. The ones who get into my bed for a chat at 7 in the morning, the ones who make me laugh, who practise their English accents - "pyjamas, bananas, tomatoes" - who want to hear funny stories about Dave, whose stuffies litter the house, who like to play hibernating bunnies on the bedroom floor and who like The Sun Has Got His Hat On played on the iPad to wake them up for spring, who want me to read the same book over and over, which is fine because it's usually a book I like (e.g. Ahlberg's Funnybones and Ahlberg's Tell Me A Story), who persuade me to go swimming with them and entice me down the long slide, when I detest going swimming in an indoor pool.

Lux and Cece, I miss you!

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