Friday, May 20, 2016

A very lucky country mouse goes to town

When Zoe and Isaac still lived and worked in London, I loved going to visit. They'd shepherd me to where I wanted to go, and take me out to cool new places too, and it was huge fun. They both moved to other places years ago, and since then I've thought of London as a place I don't much like, where I only go when there's a demo I simply have to attend, or an exhibition I'd kick myself if I missed, or a screenwriting festival I want to pitch at, or there's  a visiting aging hippie who wants to meet me. I tend to feel alienated, tense and lonely when I'm alone in London.

Thanks to a friend who lives there, I'm beginning to like London again.  I got back from there last night. My friend had invited me to stay at her flat overlooking the Thames,

and to go to the ballet with her. Oh wow. Frankenstein at the Royal Opera House, along with champagne and dinner. I'd never read Frankenstein nor seen a dramatisation of it, and all I knew of the story was that someone created a scary creature. (I'd seen photographs of Boris Karloff as that creature.)

I had the most wonderful time. It was lovely to spend the afternoon catching up, and then at teatime to head to the ballet. Here's me on Tower Bridge:

Here's me sipping my pre-prandial champagne:

And here is the Creature:

We had fantastic seats - the middle of the stalls, five rows from the front. I could see every muscle move. I could see the facial expressions of the dancers. I could feel overwhelmed by it. The stage sets and special effects were stunning, and the story was sad and moving. I'm still pondering it. It was a mega treat being there on Wednesday night - all of it. Thank you, Het.

The following morning we walked along the south bank of the Thames to a Mona Hatoum exhibition at the Tate Modern. She's a Palestinian video and installation artist. Her work is political, provocative and often chilling and I'm still thinking about some of the messages in what we saw. One of her many exhibits was a keffeh woven of human hair. That's the easiest piece to describe. I don't want to go into the many pieces that had an impact on me, but I do recommend the exhibition.

Now I'm back home in green, green Derbyshire. I've been up the Trail on my bike, heard so many blackbirds singing, and pulled out some dandelions on the back path. I love being here. But London was very, very stimulating, and I'm looking forward to another trip some time - perhaps this year -  to charge my interest circuits. 

I feel refreshed.


Christine said...

You looked great!

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Chrissie.

marmee said...

yes indeed...and it all sounds and looks so wonderful! And I do so like the photo heading your blog today!

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Marmee.