Thursday, May 05, 2016

Clinging to the wreckage

I've been awake since six, but only now feel strong enough to sit up and write. The last sentence of my journal from yesterday morning explains why: "There is so much to do out of bed."

Yesterday's to-do list contained 13 items - 4 housekeeping (boo), 7 gardening (hooray) and 2 office (meh). I ticked off 6 in all. I spent the morning gardening and today I am knackered.

After skimming the news, I've been lying in bed doing Sudokus on the iPad. Ten years ago, when we still read the news in a paper and not online, I successfully completed a Sudoku everyday. It was so absorbing, it soaked up any stress I was feeling. Since that time I haven't done them, but lately,  feeling upset for various reasons, I returned and found they utterly bamboozled me. The horror! Had my brain deteriorated beyond redemption in the last ten years (of writing and publishing and doing the blog) ?

In order to persuade myself it hasn't, I am doing two Sudokus a day and am determined to progress past the "easy" category. This is quite a scary admission: I feel really stupid.

Now I must get dressed and after my sax lesson, tick off more of the items on yesterday's list. The first of these is to empty the porch of Dave's junk, wash the floor, and then try to persuade him to house his rammel somewhere else. I am not hopeful. I've tried it before.

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