Sunday, May 15, 2016

Grace and Frankie: Frankie and Grace

Ever since I decided to write a sitcom, I've been sampling ones available online and mostly thinking "meh."  I've enjoyed Catastrophe and Detectorists and Rev, but I'm currently devouring Series 2 of Grace and Frankie, trying not to binge-watch it, and failing. Series 1 was on Netflix a year ago and this is what I said about it.

Series 2 (also on Netflix)  is far superior and I'm loving it. I particularly love the character Frankie (a 70 year old aging hippie) and I want to know where she gets her clothes! She looks fantastic. Grace (played by Jane Fonda) also looks good but her shape is unattainable so I've classed her as irrelevant.

I'm getting sidetracked by the superficial. The issues that arise in the series are things I can relate to. I'd like to know who the writers are. Are they over 60? If not, how do they know what it feels like and how do they know what the issues are? You could say that the thing is a flimsy, glossy bit of nonsense, but I don't much care. I am glued to it and it's brightening up my evenings. 

When I've finished watching it I'll start again at the beginning of Series 1 and see how it works - structurally and plotwise. Oh yes. I love being a writer and having all these brilliant bullshit excuses up my sleeve for watching something that cheers me up so wonderfully.

I do have one question, though. Why do you suppose they called it Grace and Frankie when Frankie and Grace trips off the tongue so liltingly? 


marmee said...

maybe because grace is portrayed by the actor perceived to be the greater star? I will take a look at series 2...gave up on 1...not in huge dislike but in not caring so very much...

Dont know when your performance was to be...tried to comment but the captcha thingy became demented!

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, I agree about series 1. Perhaps Series 2 is really better. Perhaps I am in a different place....but I'd be interested in your view.

my performance is on 17 July.

Unknown said...

I love both series. It's a real but funny take of real things happening to the "grey set". I love seeing an entertaining story about people who aren't often in the main roles. I often think that your stories could easily be the next version of Frankie and Grace.

Sue Hepworth said...

That's a sweet thought, Little Red Hen.
Maybe we should watch it together on my next visit.

Christine said...

Yes, I think it is because Jane Fonda is regarded as the greater star. Glad you're still blogging. x

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Chrissie.
And as to Fonda being the bigger star, I still prefer Frankie. She's my kind of woman. Funny, too.