Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I was sitting in bed yesterday  morning revving up to blog about the immense pleasure of an empty day after a busy week, when Dave suggested we should go to see more art exhibits in the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend. 

Radical. We usually sit in the garden on Bank Holiday Mondays counting our blessings that we LIVE HERE, while tourists flock into Bakewell from who knows where. But Dave knows long windy roads with grass growing in the middle that tourists don't and we managed to make our destination with only one short snarl up on the way. 

Even when I haven't liked the art, or I didn't think it was as good as I'd hoped, it's been exciting, inspirational and stimulating to see what others are doing in so many different media (e.g. acrylic ink, which I'd never heard of). I've been wanting for ages to mess about with colour that isn't fabric. (I'm addicted to patchwork.) The last time there was a local abstract colour painting workshop was the same week as the launch of Plotting for Grown-ups when I was up to my eyes in arrangements and stress, and I couldn't go. But now I'm signed up for a "Painterly Printmaking Workshop" in June, and I can't wait.

This is the last time I did any printmaking. It was those young ambitious days when I still had my authorly plait, some time before July 2007. It's been too long.


Anonymous said...

I think your description of how you feel about visiting art exhibitions captures something of how I feel visiting your blog - yes that feeling! ... and pictures of you doing printing makes my fingers itch to be doing something creative - other times your writing makes me think or gives me a talking point with others... truly glad its not just one weekend a year.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you!x