Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's not over yet

I've been looking back at my blog for the last year, and found that every few weeks I've been saying "I'm taking a week off from the blog." The blog has also been on-and-off miserable ever since Mary died. Sometimes very miserable. Since Christmas, I've even mentioned giving it up a couple of times (in addition to last Saturday.)

And a month ago I realised I was depressed: so it's no wonder blogging has been hard.

After a long helpful chat about the blog with the family member who declines to be named, I've decided that as people still seem to want to read it even when I'm a misery guts, and as one or two even find it helpful, I'll carry on. 

This last week I've been loving working hard in the garden, getting it shaped up again after years of neglect. Those tulips I posted the other day - and the ones below -  are MY TULIPS! 

Here is a quote I found on my blog from last year, in amongst the wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth:

Let’s love today, the what we have now, this day, not
          today or tomorrow or
yesterday, but this passing moment, that will
          not come again.

James Schuyler, from A Few days

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Christine said...

I'm glad. Fabulous tulips, too!