Tuesday, July 26, 2016

it is a serious thing...

The news this morning was so black, the human world so dark, I couldn't read past the dystopian headlines, and I turned away and went to cartoons to blitz the darkness.

And then it was a toss up whether to post them on here or go for something more serious. Today, the serious won. Apologies that I am depending on other peoples' words, and some of them you have seen before. But they help me, so i am hoping they help you too.

First, a photo I captured from the Calm Things blog:

Then this quote:
Then this:


marmee said...

all of the above deeply true! We need reminding in this world that doing what is right in one's small space is more important than ever....

I was watching my three year old grandson play and talking about a classmate who has difficulties with speech...this of course makes that poor child an outsider...I talked of kindness, explained the hurt in that other little boy...looked at my grandbaby's eyes watching me and listening and i thought: this here might be the most important thing I will ever do!

Sue Hepworth said...

Absolutely. Yes.
And there is that quote, also - Think global, act local