Saturday, September 24, 2016


Life has been so full out here, I've had no time to blog. This last Monday to Friday I was with the Aging Hippie in California. We drove up to Yosemite National Park.

I left the cars in on that last one so you could see the scale. The valley floor is 4000 feet above sea level and the mountains around are as high as 8000 feet and more. We spent two days below and one above when we drove around and to the top of the ridge on the right (in the top picture.) we then walked a mile and ended up climbing that granite dome (top pic again) on the skyline - the tiny dome that emerges from trees centre right. There was a panoramic view. I edged up the bare rock, terrified. There was a sheer drop on one side so I kept to the back, where if I fell, I'd probably survive. Sadly, it was a very misty day and the views, though stunning, looked like a backdrop of a play.

And it was raining. Outrageous! California is supposed to have a drought.

Who cares, really?

I was last in Yosemite ten years ago on my own. It was so good this time having someone there to share it say "Ooh, look at that!" And "Can we sit down for a rest now?" And "Will you watch out for people while I have a pee?" Though the ten years show when you squat down for said pee and can't get up again.

I flew back to Boulder last night, and am sitting in bed right now, waiting for the kids to wake up and climb into my bed for stories. 

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marmee said...

ooooo! So jealous! And you have been twice! Laughed at the squat to wee! Have one knee that does not bend so much and I half squat....