Thursday, January 19, 2017


It's been busy here. Thankfully I am better from the shingles. It was obviously a mild dose, or that anti-viral drug was super powerful. 

Monday was press that I mean I set about getting publicity for tomorrow's BRIDGES NOT WALLS event in Bakewell. This resulted in a piece in the Derbyshire Times the same day, and an interview with a reporter for BBC Radio Derby. He met me and John Cummins, another Quaker, on Bakewell footbridge to ask us about our banner drop. 

He recorded some ambient sound - the rush of the weir and the screech of the gulls - and then we moved to the quiet end of the bridge for the interview. It seemed to go OK. He plans to have it on Friday's breakfast show, which is great. It might encourage some listeners to come and join us.

When I got home, Dave told me I had a streak of toothpaste on my cheek. Hmm. No-one told me when the photo was being taken, which reminds me of Sally Howe and her disastrous photo-shoot in Plotting for Beginners. (At least she didn't have dried up shingles spots to disguise. Oh vanity, vanity, thy name is Susan.)

Moving on....the banner is ready. I was sad that I was too tired from the shingles last week to organise a home-made fabric banner, but the one Dave and I designed looks good and as it's printed on vinyl we can use it again and again. It's message won't date.

Since then I've been making placards for people to hold. 

New slogans coming up today.

There are going to be over 100 banner drops in the UK, so I hope you'll look out for them, and join one if you can. There will be huge banners on many of the big London bridges on Friday morning. You can check out if there's a banner drop near you by going to the main page of BRIDGES NOT WALLS and scrolling down to the map. 

Fear and hatred get a lot of publicity, but friendship and trust will build a better world. Let's stand up against racism and fascism. We can all do something positive and practical - welcoming and supporting refugees is just one example.

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