Saturday, October 28, 2017

That was the week that was

Last weekend I was depressed at the state of the world. This week I've been angry and have been firing off letters to those in power. 

On Thursday there was a moment of joy when two young peace activists (a Quaker, Sam Walton and a Methodist minister, Dan Woodhouse) were found not guilty of criminal damage, after breaking into the BAE Systems' Lancashire site in order to disarm Typhoon fighter jets destined to be used by Saudi Arabia in their bombing of the Yemen. I have been following their case.

In delivering comments on his judgement District Judge James Clarke said: "They were impressive and eloquent men who held strong views about what they were doing and what they wanted to achieve. They impressed me as being natural in their delivery and honest throughout their evidence…"

"I heard about their belief of BAE's role in the supply of aircraft to Saudi Arabia. I heard about their beliefs regarding the events in Yemen, that they include the death of civilians and the destruction of civilian property, and the basis for their belief that this amounted to war crimes..."

"However, having considered in full the defence under sec 5 Criminal Damage Act 1971, I find the defendants not guilty."

Yesterday, Friday, was one of those blue and golden October days and I cycled up the Trail and then planted daffodil bulbs in the front lawn with Dave. And then I was done in. It takes a lot of energy to be angry and I have never had very much stamina.

Yes! I have cosmos still flowering!

This morning I'm going to get the SAD light out of the attic, because I can't stand these dark mornings, tonight it's babysitting at Zoe's house, and tomorrow it's Quaker meeting. After that I shall print two copies of the second draft of my new novel. Chrissie and another writer friend are going to read it and give me feedback. After years of writing and feedback and rejection I have a very thick hide, but this time it feels different. This novel is not like one I have written before and I am nervous as to whether it works. I have an ideal in my head (something between Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf and Homestead by Rosina Lippi) and yet of course I want it to be an original Sue Hepworth. I am never usually nervous about showing someone else a completed novel. Will they get it? Does it work? 

I hope that when you guys eventually get to see it, you will love it.  
Fingers crossed.

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