Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Too angry to blog

I'm too angry to blog. I have just written two separate letters to my MP about 1/ child refugees and the UK Government's reneging on its promises to bring more children into the UK and 2/ the well-documented problems with Universal Credit (for overseas readers - a new welfare benefit) and the fact that desperate claimants have to wait 6 weeks to receive their money. 

I was almost too angry to actually type these letters, partly because I know I will get a blank response. He always sends me back unthinking replies that toe the party line and do not address my questions. I found myself typing 'Yes, I am angry..' and then decided it was probably not a helpful thing to say. Anyway, now it's done. 

Why do I write when I know what he will say? Because I want to say NOT IN MY NAME, and I also hope that if sufficient people write, and he gets a massive postbag on an issue, he won't be able to prevaricate any longer. He will have to act.

So anyway, when I'm stomping around the house feeling angry about the way the world is run for the rich, with the needs of the poor and vulnerable ignored, I'm not in the kind of mood for noticing querky, bloggable topics. 

And by the way, I consider myself to be rich, because I have a secure place to live and enough money to heat the house, enough to eat, and if the central heating boiler conks out tomorrow, I have enough money to buy a new one. 

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