Sunday, October 22, 2017

What do you do?

Last week a good friend told me she was overwhelmed by the news: it made her anxious, stressed and depressed. I gave her some glib reply about finding something positive to do locally to make the world a better place, and concentrating on that. I was sincere at the time. I had found it worked for me.

Then yesterday I woke up depressed and upset about the millions of refugees all over the world, and how politicians in this country and so many other 'rich' countries do nothing to offer them help. I tried all day to shake the feeling. I personally do everything I can think of to help. I felt better for a while after my bike ride, but then the gloom descended again. I used the energy from my dark mood to do some cleaning (a desperate measure, as I hate cleaning) but still the mood persisted. I could not shake it.

Today I have woken up in a better headspace, and I shall write again to my complacent and benighted MP about the UK government's response.

But it prompts me to ask the question of you, dear readers, what do you do when the cares of the wider world become too heavy, and you are already doing all you can think of, all you have the energy for, to make things better?

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