Friday, February 16, 2018

Shower the people you love with love

Yesterday was bright and sunny.
Today is bright and sunny.
Sucks to the rain, sleet, ice, mud, bitter winds and grey skies of February. 

Today's post is more cheerful. But first I want to show you this photo that I took of the clematis on the front of our house, because I really like the shot and it seems to capture February - even down to the tear drops/raindrops clinging to some of the tendrils.

I woke up from some nice dreams this morning at the perfect time - the sky was light enough to draw the blinds but the sun was not yet up. It's peeping over the horizon as I write. I can see it through the bedroom window.

Last Sunday when Quaker meeting finished I walked across the room to say hello to a friend who's been away for a month, and who I haven't seen since December. Before I could say anything like 'Welcome back!' or even just 'Hello,' she gave me a big hug and said 'I've missed you!' It was such a heartening thing to hear. It made my day, and I realised later that it touched me so much because I've been feeling embattled and discouraged. 

In bed this morning something in the nice dream I'd been having, made me think how good it would be to be able to attend you own funeral and hear what people said about you. In a Quaker funeral or memorial service there is no minister (just like in Quaker meetings) although an elder will introduce the meeting. After that, everyone present is free to get up and speak about the person who has died. It's a warm and wonderful occasion, as well as sad. 

Let's not wait until people are dead before we list why we liked them or loved them, or what it was about them that made them special, or why we are grateful to them, or how they have helped us. Let's tell them now. Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone needs to feel loved.

The view above is a February photo of Wensleydale taken by Rosemary Mann some years ago. Rosemary and I first met through Twitter, and this week she sent me a summer photo of Wensleydale to cheer me up because she realised I was feeling low. Today's header was also taken by Rosemary.


Unknown said...

I'm so heartened by this, and your timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you. Always such a pleasure to share pictures with you (I'll keep looking for the summer bunting photo!) Here's to love and friendship x

Sue Hepworth said...

That's so nice.p, Rosemary.
Who says you can't make friends through Twitter?

Sue Hepworth said...

Sorry! That p was a typo.