Tuesday, March 27, 2018


If I was the kind of person who started my sentences with "So" I'd be saying "So, the Spring has finally arrived and my head is too thick with cold to enjoy it."

To deconstruct the picture, those daffs are ones I picked from the garden because the heavy snow had broken their stems; there are two tissue boxes because one's for fresh and one's for used; the bedspread is my sunset quilt; and the book is Heartburn. I've read it before but Nora Ephron is always cheering, and I needed some light relief after finishing The Lie

Chrissie has been sending me newsy emails so I don't feel utterly cut off, and yesterday, as if my crazy friend in NYC knew I was in need of a laugh, I received in the post these Taste of Streep stickers. 

I need to get up and get busy today. I've been watching so many episodes of Call the Midwife that I'm developing a crush on Jenny Agutter/Sister Julienne, and considering a career as a nun. The good thing about steeping myself in 1960 culture is that I can see the social progress we've made since then, for example in attitudes to gay people, and this engenders hope. I just wish the Tories' austerity programme wasn't taking us back to Victorian times. Food banks are well-established, so their next plan must be to bring back the workhouse. 

Enough! It's 3.20 and I'm done with being up and busy and I'm back in bed with Sister Julienne.


Ana said...

Your bedroom is so cosy and bright, just the place to convalesce. And perfect reading choice. Hope waking on Day 5 surprises you with better health and clearer head.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Ana. That's very kind of you.

marmee said...

here I am down in the southern tip of Africa and autumn is upon us . Such a beautiful season , air crisp and clear and the ocean glittering and my sinuses are all bunged up and my head is filled with cottonwool and all I have been doing is knitting while binge watching a strange Swedish tv series called Jordskott...so: Snap!

Sue Hepworth said...

That's hilarious Marmee!
May our sinuses be clear very very soon.