Friday, May 11, 2018

Tattered Cover

There's a fabulous bookshop in Denver called The Tattered Cover which I always try to visit when I'm over there. They sell secondhand books as well as new, and the staff are very friendly. There are squishy chairs you can lurk in to read, such as when you're waiting for your son to finish work and you've had enough of the blazing Colorado sun, and a tempting Graham Swift novel is calling to you.

This time I bought The Light Between Oceans by M.L.Stedman, described by reviewers as 'heart-wrenching,' 'elegantly rendered' and 'sublimely written.' I wanted an emotional book. I wanted to see how it's done. 

And I recognised the title of this book, because there's a film of it - which I have not seen - starring Michael Fassbender, and the news of anything starring Michael Fassbender stays in my memory. (Have you seen his Mr Rochester? Swoon.)

Well, I've got to a crunch point near the middle and I can tell from here on in it's going to be emotionally gruelling, and I'm not sure now that I'm up to it. Watch this space.

It's been hectic since I returned from Boulder, and I have another busy week ahead when I know I shan't have time to blog. I apologise, and I'll try to make it up to you after that. 

Here's a May view of the Monsal Trail in the meantime:

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