Friday, May 25, 2018

The list

Someone commented on my last blog post that I should make a list of fourteen books to leave on a hired narrowboat, so that whoever was on the boat would find at least one book that suited their taste. It's such a hard task, but here goes...

A comedy - a Jeeves and Wooster book by P.G. Wodehouse

A crime novel - by Ian Rankin or Christine Poulson

An intelligent chick-lit book, such as Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding or You Before Me by Jojo Moyes or Plotting for Beginners by Sue Hepworth and Jane Linfoot

A biography - Claire Tomalin's Samuel Pepys: the unequalled self

A poetry anthology - Staying Alive  ed. by Neil Astley, or Lifesaving Poems ed. by Anthony Wilson

A book on politics - The Establishment by Owen Jones

A thriller - please help me here!

A historical novel - The Siege by Helen Dunmore or The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

A book of short stories - Leaving Home by Garrison Keillor

A memoir - I am Malala

A non-fiction book (I nearly forgot this category as I don't read non-fiction)  - something readable about the history of canals

A Charles Dickens novel - you pick, as I am not a Dickens fan

Two contemporary novels - I suggest Under the Same Stars by Tim Lott and Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strouut, which are both accessible literary fiction.

So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Your list is interesting but I don’t understand your comment about non-fiction when you’ve already mentioned three non-fiction categories: biography, poetry and political comment. I hadn’t thought about short stories, but of course they are perfect for the boat because you can read one quickly and still have time to enjoy the passing countryside, whereas a gripping page-turner would create a dilemma and raise the question as to why you are on the boat in the first place.

Sue Hepworth said...

When I think of non fiction I think of FACTS.
I also realised that I don’t have a travel book in here.