Friday, August 10, 2018

Bits and bobs

I have just read again the comments on my post 'Dithering' in which I asked you whether or not I should get a smart phone. Thank you Marmee, Phoebe, Jenetta and Anonymous (but I know who you are). Your comments are especially welcome because I know you're all in a similar age bracket as me. Watch this space.

The other thing to say is that if it's your youngest son's wedding and you're in a foreign country and you're hot and sweaty day and night and you're so nervous you can't face breakfast, Wendy has the answer. There we were sitting in the hotel lobby lapping up the aircon, waiting to check into our rooms so we could change, and she ordered champagne and tea. Two flutesful and a cuppa later and I was a new woman.

Of course, one way to keep cool is to get your grandson to push you around the pool on a giant flamingo. But that was the morning after.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good!

Happiness becomes you.