Thursday, August 09, 2018

Out of the heat

In my future, the memory of this summer will not be of my country falling yet further into an abyss of maladministration, racism, insularity and poverty, or of the world on fire, it will be of the wedding of Jaine and the family member who declines to be named.

In the EU. Hoorah! Specifically, in Croatia.

photo by Chris Oxley

photo by Chris Oxley

photo by Chris Oxley

It was a small family wedding - 17 people including the bride and groom - and it was perfect. Beautiful and perfect. Forgive me for not giving you all the feels too personal.

The only thing that made the end of a week spent with all my kids and grandkids bearable is the cool of England. It was too hot for me in Croatia. Jaine kept coming up to me and saying "Are you feeling a bit cooler now, Sue?" and I kept saying "No." Thank God for Wendy and her fans, which she passed around most generously.  

But I would have gone to Timbuktu and survived the heat of the Sahara to see them get married. It was so special in so many ways.

With the showing of the F-M-W-D-T-B-N if not his name, comes an injunction from my two grandsons that not only are there to be no photographs of them on the blog, I am to go back through the last twelve years and delete all posts which mention them. Hey ho. That means I can't post a photo from the wedding which features them. But here is one of me and my kids, plus Jaine. Yes, we really were this happy.

photo by Chris Oxley


Sally said...

It looks beautiful & perfect. Good luck with all the deleting! 😌

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Sally!

Anonymous said...

How lovely. Thanks for sharing what you dare - families eh ? Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

Actually not what I dare - agreed beforehand. Xx