Thursday, November 29, 2018

Addicted to turquoise

A friend emailed me a few annotated photographs of her daily life yesterday as a newsy update. She's been doing a lot of dressmaking and has in the last couple of years broken out from the oppression of neutrals into brighter colours. You can see the results in her wardrobe:

It made me think about the colours that dominate my wardrobe, but it isn't 'colours' it's one colour - blue. And it's a specific shade - turquoise. I've spread them out on the bed to show you.

Yes, I'm addicted to every shade of turquoise - whether it's 'aqua' or 'eau de nil' or 'sea breeze' or 'ocean' or 'sea mist' or some other name for the same hue. I am so addicted to it that my granddaughters call the colour  'Sue blue' and someone at my Quaker Meeting calls me 'The Turquoise Lady.'

I know that the colour suits my complexion and colouring, but it's hold clutches further than clothes. It's scary. My study walls are pale turquoise, my kitchen walls are similar, I chose turquoise for two of my books covers, my favourite earrings are turquoise. So is my bedside light and my pencil case and my teapot and omg I won't go on. 

In the summer I took great care choosing my outfit for the Croatian wedding as mother of the groom, and then went to get a pedicure. I was looking for something sophisticated, of course, and then I saw the colour chart and this happened:

When I got home from the salon I was appalled. Not only was it glittery, it was turquoise, and it so bright! I tried to remove it, but it was so stuck on there, that I only managed to lighten it. Surprise, surprise, it was not the focus of attention at the wedding, though someone did admire it.

When I went for my next pedicure in Boulder in October (Wendy always treats me) I was looking forward to having bright red toenails again, but when the manicurist showed me the colour chart, my eyes were drawn to - yes, the turquoise, and before I could stop myself, I had chosen it.  I despair.

I am beginning to feel as though I am another version of The Green Lady. Click on the link and check her out.

Any suggestions?

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Sally said...

It's a beautiful colour & suits you! Loving the happy Green Lady!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก❤️๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›