Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Last week I was lighting candles, and this week it feels as if I am snuffing them out, and it's a dispiriting business.  

Let me explain. I mentioned to you before that my two grandsons, whose ages are now into double figures, had asked me to delete all photographs of them from my blog. This is both sad and annoying, but I respect their wishes and I have been deleting said pics as soon as I track them down. 

But even when they have been deleted on the blog that you see, they are still in the ether, and are (for the moment anyway) still available to Google searches. So for the last few days in odd moments I have been trawling through deeper files and albums to erase the things forever. 

It makes me feel sad. I hate deleting photographs of people I love, even when they are ropy pictures. To delete specially chosen lovely ones feels like sacrilege. I find the power of the visual image so strong that I feel - and I know this is stupid and irrational - as though I am erasing the boys themselves.

And in the olden days (before the edict) I would now show you how fab these boys are by posting a photo. What's to do? Should I post a photo of Lux and Cecilia, my two young granddaughters, instead? or will the time come in a few years time when I will have to remove these too?

Bugger it!

Here is a picture of me and my little sister instead:


Sally said...

Good or bad I can not discard photos of my family...
Love the photo of you & your sister enjoying the puddles. A simple pleasure enjoyed for centuries? Probably depends on having suitable footwear! Sally

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Sally. Conkers may be a thing of the past, but puddles will always be enjoyed.