Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Cards, or what?

I try never to think about Christmas - except whether this it's ON or OFF - before December. This is a definite policy.

Now, however, it's December 4th, Christmas is ON, and I realise I have done nothing except buy a couple of packs of Christmas cards and a unicorn wristwatch for Cecilia. I'm panicking.

And there's another thing. I'm wondering whether or not to send Christmas cards at all this year and to email instead and say I am donating the money to charity. Every card with postage is going to cost not much less than £1 each. Imagine. I could spend £50 in the Help Refugees Choose Love shop.

In the past when I've had an email from someone who's given to charity instead of buying cards, I've felt diminished. Also - being honest here - I've felt it was awfully worthy and a little bit miserable. And now I'm dithering about doing the same.

One friend said one year we should keep our Christmas cards and just return them to the same people the following year, adding a new date and more love. I'd like to do that, but it still leaves the huge postage costs.

What are you guys doing?


Anonymous said...

Who wouldn’t opt for giving to the Refugees over Royal Mail?

Good plan - and very timely.

You can just post a Christmas message on here!

Unknown said...

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, and somehow it seems to me more important than ever to let people we love know that we are thinking of them and wishing them well. Ideally I would do this throughout the year, but I don't manage to do that, so I think once a year is better than never. Many of those I love are not online, and besides, a card I have chosen that they can keep is a little gift. And yes, I save all my Christmas cards, and treasure particularly those from dear ones who are departed, posting them around the house to decorate.

ana said...

Resonate with what Unknown says and once again your superb photo helps to answer your dilemma. Such beauty reminding you of special people in your life usually over many many years
Precious really

Sally said...

I'm pro Christmas cards,I love hearing from people I no longer see regularly & presume they feel the same. Plus they make such jolly decorations! I do think Christmas card giving is shrinking. My children & their friends send very few. I aim to buy charity cards. Though the price of stamps - is shocking!! 🤯