Thursday, April 18, 2019

America and its bloody guns

On Tuesday night Wendy got a message from the school principal saying that the girls' school would be closed on the following day because of a 'credible threat.'

The girls are used to having lockdown drill at school. They think it's a routine practice for tornadoes. They don't know about America's crazy gun laws or about the NRA or about school shootings. They don't know that 20 years ago, the Colorado school Columbine had a mass shooting and that the anniversary of it is tomorrow. 

What was Wendy to tell them?

Last night Isaac let us know that the situation was resolved. The 18 year old woman from Florida, who had an obsession with the Columbine massacre, was dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot.

She had flown into Denver and bought a gun and ammunition. Had she lived in Colorado, it would have been a legal sale. As she was from Florida, it was not. The laws of her home state as well as those of the place of the sale have to be obeyed. And in Florida, there have to be several days between sale and possession, while checks take place.

I despair of America ever being sensible about guns. I'm used to the idea of the family sometimes having bears, bobcats and mountain lions in their garden. What about the bloody guns?


marmee said...

Oh sue! That something like this should be added to all one's worries and anxieties around grandchildren!!

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes. It was pretty awful. And actually there's the worry around how the girls have reacted when they found out what the lockdown was for. If they have been told (perhaps by school) ..I have yet to hear from Wendy.