Saturday, April 20, 2019

Letter from home

It's been a full, rich week:

- Playing my sax with a pianist friend - such good fun.

- Sitting in the sunshine watching Dave and the family member who declines to be named raising a shed in the latter's back garden. (Gosh, there are a lot of clauses in that sentence.)

- Cycling, cycling and cycling.

- Looking for a new novel to read. I am looking for something that's beautifully written and is romantic. Any suggestions?

- Going out early in the morning for two photo-shoots on the Monsal Trail, to take a cover picture for my new book. The first was with my friend Liz, and the second with a friend I made through Twitter - Valerie Dalling, who lives in the next village and is a talented photographer. I now have two shots I love and am trying to decide which one to use.

- Trying to make attractive tealight holders, using coloured tissue paper, PVA and jamjars. 

This is what the sitting room table looks like this morning. Note the sweet pea seedlings getting frisky.

And these are the results:

My fat fingers have been struggling with this craft because next Saturday we have a refugee hospitality day and we need some new crafting ideas - things that are pretty and/or useful that can be made in a short time and taken home at the end of the day. We always have a jewellery-making table because it's so popular

Most of the above were made with recycled beads. We have also decorated cotton shopping bags with fabric paints, and decorated photo frames and small mirrors with all kinds of pretty stuff.  We are always looking for new ideas so if you have any, please let me know.  On the other side of the room, people are playing with toddlers and babies, so whatever happens on the crafting tables has to be safe for that environment. (I hope you manage to negotiate the comments section below. I know it's a trial and sometimes eats comments, but there appears to be nothing to be done about it.)

Have a lovely weekend. I'm going to spend a lot of mine in the garden...


Anonymous said...

What a feast for the eyes, Sue - the lanterns are magical, the jewellery inviting.

You are so clever, and kind.

May you rest easy, and enjoy the many simple pleasures we are so lucky to have.

Happy glorious Easter,

Thea xx

Kristine said...

Hi Sue,
Novel suggestions that are beautifully written....
"Our Souls at Night" by Kent Haruf, or anything else by Haruf; anything by Alex Miller or Wallace Stegner, perhaps, "Crossing to Safety".
"The Unseen" by Roy Jacobsen is a beautiful story if you are interested in 'things Nordic'.
Not all of these writers are into 'romantic' love, but love just the same.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Thea. I’m glad you think the lanterns are OK. I think I have the glitches in the process ironed out now. The wonderful thing about using soluble PVA is that if it all goes wrong, you can get it all off again very easily. And yet when dry, it’s robust.
A quiet weekend at home in sunshine with nothing happening is pretty special and does make me appreciate the little things.

Hi Kristine, thank you for these suggestions. Apart from Kent Haruf - all of whose books I have read and nearly all loved - I have never heard of these writers, and have checked out the books. They look as if they are what I am looking for.

Phoebe said...

I always recommend The Inn at Lake Devine in response to this kind of request. Only problem: I may have recommended it here before!
There’s another Elinor Lipman that could work, the one before the very newest which is Good Riddance. I’m sorry I don’t have time right now to look up the title.

Sue Hepworth said...

I’ve read The Inn...
But I will check out the others. Thank you, Phoebe.

Helen said...

Lovely lanterns! So glad you are giving the refugees the opportunity to craft, it can be so helpful in providing a release from everyday life (I would say that as it's my job but it's also true). Most of my craft ideas involve buying fancy products but I found these mini journals online, which you can make from scrap paper and cereal boxes:

PS am also having trouble with my blog - it logs me out constantly and I can't even reply to comments. Not that people comment often but still, it's annoying

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you Helen, I’m going to have a look at this link right now,

Are you on Blogger? Isn’t it a pain?

Helen said...

Yes I'm on Blogger ( and the problem started a few weeks ago. I initially decided not to mess around trying to solve it as these things usually resolve themselves, but it hasn't. So I Googled it, tried a few things and solved it... only for it to start up again.

By the way, if you're on Pinterest you'll find thousands of great craft ideas for your group. You'll never get anything done again because it sucks you in but it's almost worth it.

Eg I just found these bath bombs -

Sue Hepworth said...

Blogger is incorrigible, no doubt about it.

I joined Pinterest to see some more ideas for lanterns, and it was very helpful. will check out the bath bombs.

Anonymous said...

Sharing Helen’s comment pain
Gritted teeth