Thursday, May 09, 2019

Road trip day 2

For technical reasons my blog posts have to be short when I am away from home and my laptop. Also, I can’t change the header, which is really annoying.

We’re still in Northumberland. Today I showed the Aging Hippie my favourite castle - Dunstanburgh - and my favourite bluebell wood; and we met the artist responsible for my favourite tweets - Mick Oxley aka @SeaWindowCraster.

In Mick’s tidy studio

Mick takes a photograph of the sky and sea from his bedroom window every morning at sunrise and posts them on Twitter. Sometimes the news is so bad that all I can bear to look at on Twitter is Mick’s photographs,  and the twitter feed @ObamaPlusKids which posts photos of one of the Obamas playing with children.

Mick’s photos are uplifting and essential. They are such beautiful photographs and it’s such a treat to be able to see one every day that I have written two blog posts about them. (If you google ‘Sue Hepworth’ and ‘Observing the everyday’ and then after that,‘Sue Hepworth’ and  ‘Hope and love’ you will find them. Links are technically impossible while I’m away, another annoyance.)

We called in to see Mick at his gallery in Craster and had a really interesting chat with him. What an honour.

If you’re ever on the Northumberland coast, you should do the same.

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