Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Road trip, day 8

Calgary Bay is my favourite place on Mull. And Karen likes it too so we went again today. You park at the gallery and look at the fabulous art, then you walk through the woods and enjoy the 200 year old beeches, the fragrant vegetation, the woodland paths and the quirky sculptures dotted here and there, like this one made of old found rope

And then you stand on the white beach looking at the turquoise sea and dither over whether to swim or paddle; then after you’ve paddled and collected some stuff from the beach to make your own art when you’re home (because you’re so inspired) you go to the Calgary Farmhouse Cafe and sit outside in the sunshine and eat a delicious lunch.

And then in the evening your friend treats you to an early birthday dinner in Tobermory. And then you lie on the bed feeling fat and writing your blog.

At the Cafe Fish. Yum.


Unknown said...

I love this blog post. LRH

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