Monday, June 24, 2019

A horticultural assassin

I had a horticultural epiphany last week. 

I was looking round my garden for flowers to decorate an event, and found hardy geraniums - blue, three shades of pink, and magenta - valerian, lady's mantle, astrantia, and a huge and robust Jerusalem sage (phlomis russeliana) which has yellow flowers.

Apart from daffodils and primroses and alpine poppies, I try not to have yellow in the garden because there are so many iffy shades of it. I have this particular phlomis because my brother gave it to me when the garden was empty and I was accepting anything on offer. It is hardy and completely reliable. 

I picked one or two of the flowering stalks to go with the blue geraniums, but having it in my hand I realised that not only is it a nasty shade of yellow, it's an ugly flower.  Life is too short to give space to flowers I don't like, so in the autumn it's going on the compost heap. There. Sorted. Brutal, that's me.

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