Thursday, July 18, 2019

Heavenly delights

I shook off the glooms at the weekend, when the young people from my Quaker meeting had a bike ride to our house and a shared picnic in the garden. The adults sat outside and chatted in the fresh air, and the children played inside, building massive structures with our hundreds of yoghurt cartons. They co-opted me to help, and it was fun!

Here's a picture of one of my granddaughters on another occasion to illustrate:

Since then I've been enjoying the Monsal Trail again. The wildflowers this year are stupendous. Look at this lovely meadowsweet on a wide verge at Miller's Dale station:

On two mornings I cycled for half and hour and then locked up the bike and walked by the river Wye in Cheedale. 

These are the cottages at Blackwell Mill, at the end of the Trail:

It was heavenly. Here's a video I recorded for you:

A word about book reviews...

If you've read my new book, EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW YOU, I would be really grateful if you'd you review it online. Amazon are rationing how many reviews a book can have, but if they won't let you review it on their site, you can always go to Goodreads and review it there. 

It's not just me. Every author would like you to review their books because it not only helps sales, it lets the author know they've not written into the void. And by a review, I don't mean a lengthy synopsis and literary critique, I mean a rating, and a couple of sentences saying what you thought of the book. Simples.

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