Saturday, August 24, 2019

Life at Hepworth Towers

I'm looking back on my week and trying to remember what went on. I know I picked a lot of sweet peas. They've been fantastic this year.

I know I've cleaned out a lot of cat poo. 

Last year Peanut - the cat belonging to the-family-member-who-declines-to-be-named and his lovely wife Jaine - lived here for a month (much to our cat's disgust) while T-F-M-W-D-T-B-N and J were on their honeymoon. 

On Monday, Dave and I were saying to each other smugly, 'Thank God we don't have to have Peanut again this year,' when the phone rang. It was T-F-M-W-D-T-B-N telling us that Peanut had broken his leg, and would we look after him  while T-F-M-W-D-T-B-N and Jaine went to Greece for their hols? He had been booked into the cattery but obviously that was now no-go. 

Peanut was supposed to be kept in a cage 

and to wear a cone to stop him picking at his stitches, but he hasn't needed the cone, and most of the daytime he's roaming around my study. 

This year Dave and I finally decided to give up our massive strawberry patch because the weeding is so tedious, and Dave is digging it up and extending our lawn.

He's using one of his favourite tools - a mattock. When I went out in my pyjamas to admire his progress, he said he loved the fact that an Iron Age man wandering into our garden this morning would immediately recognise the implement and would probably set to and help.

Because a blisteringly hot weekend has been forecast I decided to wash the loose covers from the sofa. We don't have a tumble dryer, so weather matters to me when I'm washing. I wish I could persuade Dave to only wash on good drying days, but after 49 years I know it's a lost cause.

When I took the covers off, I found these plastic things in a fold which are half the width and half the length of my little finger. I challenge you, dear reader, to tell me PRECISELY what they are.

Last week Moira Redmond, whom I have never met and who who writes an amusing and interesting blog called Clothes in Books, devoted a post to my new book EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW YOU. How fab!

And last night after my evening dose of Call the Midwife, I checked the listing of my book on Amazon to see if there were any more reviews, and there was!

Dear Reader, if you've read any of my books and you enjoyed them please be a peach and review them on Amazon and/or Goodreads. It helps sales, it really does. Also, it encourages me to keep on trucking writing.

Have a lovely weekend!


Lois said...

I too have no tumble dryer and hate to miss a good drying day. Your pieces of plastic look to me like 2 halves of a very small clothes peg, minus the spring!

Sue Hepworth said...

Nice try on the found object, Lois, but I’m afraid you’re wrong.
I will wait to see if anyone else hazards a guess before I give you the answer.

Anonymous said...

I confess it was me! I awake in the early hours and wrote that review, so wasn’t with-it enough to spot the full stop in the middle of a sentence. I am working on the maxim ‘Better done than perfect’ at the moment.

I wonder if your widgets are part of some children’s toys packaging ? Or devices to separate Lego blocks? I love a mystery piece found in a unexpected place - we have a kitchen drawer with quite a few unidentified bits and pieces that may have a use one day.


Anonymous said...

Sigh - still not awake enough to write full sentences - and its only early evening! Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jenetta! Thank you for the lovely review.
Don’t worry about the typo - other people who have reviewed the book also have typos. I don’t care!
I have another lovely review. 😊😘

Sue Hepworth said...

Oh and the orange plastic thingies?
They are water skis for a Lego man.

Sue Hepworth said...

I saw my grandsons today and they corrected me. They are not water skis for a Lego man. They are landing pads for a space Lego module. Good to have experts on the job.