Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday morning

I felt wrecked this morning after a bad night, and Dave is out with the car all day, but it's market day in Bakewell, and that's the only place to get my favourite apples - new season Coxes - so I cycled down the Trail to Bakewell. 

It's always quiet first thing Monday morning. What a joy.

On the way home I crossed over the footbridge and thought again how much the lovelocks deface it.

Bakewell is a pretty town and the riverside is particularly lovely, and we get oceans of tourists all through the year. It's a pity that so many of them want to hang lovelocks on the simple, modern, previously stylish bridge. It's happening to bridges all over the world and not only are the locks unsightly, the weight of them poses a risk to the safety of the bridge. I am as romantic as the next person but I loathe these lovelocks.

I am happy for Rachel and Jody and all the others, but I wish they would find another way to declare their love.

There may be a way. A Derbyshire engineer and his daughter have designed a lovelock tree. Read about it here. I really hope it catches on.


Helen said...

Phew! You were waxing so lyrically, I thought you were going to say you loved those detestable padlocks. You can file them with hammering a coin into a tree, too (you get a lot of that in the Lake District)

Sue Hepworth said...

That's funny.
I suppose you could call it a blog plot twist.