Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hey ho

You know I struggle to keep politics off the blog, but today I'm going to try.

You can be sure I am all churned up about our constitutional crisis, hugely relieved by the unanimous verdict of the Supreme Court, and yet anxious and gloomy that Johnson and his cronies continue with their adherence to the Trump playbook, brazening everything out with more lies, and playing to the gallery of people who don't understand what representational democracy means.

Enough. I was going to allude to what's been going on in one simple sentence and out comes a paragraph. That's how anxious I am. 

Now for the trivia.

I speak as someone 

  • about to turn 70 (which weighs rather heavily upon me) 
  • who wants to dress like a rock chick next time around 
  • who watched and enjoyed Fleabag

What do you think when you see this picture? My immediate response was - "Good for her. Maybe she'll be able to afford a more modest dress in future."

I don't like this fashion for dresses that plunge to the waist and display the wearer's breasts to such an extent. Do you?

Am I being a prude? I have no problem with breastfeeding in public. None whatsoever. And I think it's really weird when breastfeeding mothers feel the need to shroud themselves and their babies under an apron. But necklines like the one above make me think of Phoebe in Friends saying to Rachel "Don't give away the farm."

What do you think?


Sue Hepworth said...

It’s occurred to me that if I still had two breasts and was still young I might feel differently. Maybe it’s envy...

marmee said...

I don't know sue..I can see how attractive she looks in the dress and yet I don't like it. Maybe it's the old feminist in me wondering why an accomplished woman celebrates herself by showing off her body? Of course its her good right to do so, I am almost afraid to say any of this in case it leads to the old argument of she was assaulted because her clothes invited it...NO NO NO! But I am also interested in why our gender does this? It comes up for in sport as well. Why do guys wear comfy stuff to play tennis in and women seem to dress with an eye to appearance? Or is that in itself a comment on our society?

Sue Hepworth said...

It's interesting that we'd both describe ourselves as feminists and defend her right to wear what she likes, and at the same time neither of us likes the look.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your right to your own opinion on politics. However as a Conservative and an only child I would be interested to hear your view on the Labour policy of scrapping the cap on 2 child benefit. It would surely make more sense to make it clear to people that they would not be supported if they had children they could not afford to feed and clothe themselves.

Sue Hepworth said...

I agree with the scrapping of the restriction of child benefit to two children, as do the Child Poverty Action Group, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the Children’ Society and the food bank charity, the Trussell Trust.

I can see the pure logic of the Conservative position, but family life is messy, contraception is not 100% effective, and most importantly, the results of this policy drive more children into poverty. I don't agree with policies that increase suffering and hardship amongst innocent people. Auterity policies have been punitive to so many people - the majority of whom are in work - and this is just one more.

Child poverty (after housing costs) rose by 500,000 across the UK between 2010/11 and 2017/18, from 3.6 to 4.1 million, and is projected to reach 5.2 million by 2021/22 according to latest available projections from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

There has been sound research done into the effects of the policy. Here is a link to a report on that research

Anonymous said...

The answer to this is 'why did they have children that they knew they would be unable to clothe and feed themselves. The Labour/Marxist party is responsible for encouraging dependency on benefits instead of encouraging a responsible attitude to life.
Every time a so called 'poverty stricken' family is seen on television they usually have more than two children, a large dog, evidence that they smoke, drink, and other non essential items.
Marxist McDonnell's threat to close private schools shows just what a hypocrite he is. Both he and Corbyn went to private schools as so many Labour M.P's did and their children do.
Corbyn and McDonnell are both millionaires but their Marxist intentions mean that if God forbid they ever got into power most hard working families would have nothing to leave to their families.
There is a level of naivity in anyone voting for a Labour/Marxist government.

Sue Hepworth said...

Let’s agree to disagree. This is a personal blog, not a political one.

Anonymous said...

You are the one who turned it into a political blog and thought you had a captive audience and could promote your views with no risk of having to listen to anyone who might have a different opinion.

Just allow me to say,

The Labour/Marxist party are like misguided parents who indulge their children with everything they want regardless of the cost.
The Conservative party encourage people to take pride in their own achievements.

I think you know that I am right but you won't allow yourself to accept it.

Sue Hepworth said...

I disagree. As I said.

Anonymous said...

Always vote Labour and always will. Totally oblivious of the threat of a Marxist government and the outcome for our children and grandchildren. However there is not much chance of them getting into power as many previously Labour voters are getting wise to their Marxist ambitions and are not as gullible as you.