Friday, November 08, 2019

The stuff I can't share...

The brother who checks my blog everyday says that sometimes my posts read as if I don't know what to say. The fact is that there is plenty that's happening in my life that's bloggable, but when I'm gathering material for a new book, I don't necessarily want to share it here. I want to keep it for possible inclusion in the new book.

Here's an example of possible copy...

This week Dave was enthusing about the white mesh re-usable produce bags that Sainsbury's are selling. They are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. You bring your apples or your potatoes home in them, and reject a polythene bag, but according to Dave they would be just as valuable as an  addition to the tools in his shed. He sees them as masks. 

They will cover your glasses and your hair and stop dust particles lodging in them. If you're routing or using the circular saw, they will stop chips flying into your face and hair. 

When you're cleaning the gutters and you're working on the roof, scraping moss off it, or clearing the gutters, you'd get perfect vision in one of these, and no bits falling on your face or in your eyes. Plus they're cool.  


If Sally Howe - of Plotting for Beginners and Plotting for Grownups fame - is going to feature in the new book, it's likely her Screwfix-catalogue-loving brother Richard will also be in it, and can't you just hear him waxing lyrical about one of these babies?

'They're not going to biodegrade and get tatty,' he said. 'At 30 pence each, they're a steal!'


marmee said...

Oh the utter joy of that photo!! Sooooo funny, really welcome on a somewhat a blue day. Thank you very much Dave!

Sue Hepworth said...

I'll pass on your comps, Marmee.