Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Christmas!

Wishing all my friendly readers a Very Happy Christmas.

I hope you're having too nice a time to check my blog, but if you're not, bear up. It will all be over soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy Boxing Day Sue, household, family and all ( I tried posting last night from my phone at 4am but it was having none of it) The reason I was awake at 4am? Overindulgence and resultant heartburn at our traditional family Christmas Day, but the perfect excuse for reading my new book “The Air that kills” by Christine Poulson in one sitting - gripping - loved it. I am now a fan. Thank you for the introduction Sue. Which one should I read next? This year I got the perfect presents - bought what I wanted, handed them over to my husband to arrange for me to receive one way or another. The surprise is who I get them from! Christine’s book was one of them. Next year we may be having an off christmas too however as my Austin has been heard to mutter how attractive that sounded to him at various points during December and today I am tired enough to agree with him! Wishing all a hopeful and healthy new year. love Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

Hello Jenetta, Dave was only asking after you this morning. Happy Boxing Day! I hope you're feeling better this morning.
I am so pleased you enjoyed Chrissie's book. I would recommend the one that comes before it - 'Cold Cold Heart.' But if you intend to read more than just one then perhaps you had better start at the beginning of this series of three and that would be 'Deep Water.'
(As always - online reviews and mentions on Facebook more than welcome.)
I have enjoyed this OFF Christmas. Last Saturday with the family here was wonderful, but it's aAlso nice being just Dave and me and being quiet and getting on with my writing.
Happy New Year to you too.

Christine said...

Oh, wow! This has made my day. Thanks so much, Janetta, and Sue as well for hosting me.
That surprise birthday cake is fabulous.