Monday, December 23, 2019

The blurred Christmas

Apart from the sign on the landing - and look at it very carefully, friends - 

visitors to Hepworth Towers wouldn't know this was an OFF Christmas.

First there were was the forest of Christmas trees that Dave made from scraps in the shed. 

He had intended to make just one, but when Dave makes something that costs nothing but his time, and he likes said object, there is something about the wiring in is head that makes him go on and on until my cries of protest finally get through and he stops. I think he got up to twenty this time. It's happened before with wind chimes, Edison puzzles, trivets, kumiko, coffee tables from recycled wood, and little wooden boxes.  

Then there is the fact that the tree - which should technically be corralled in my study with all other decorations on an OFF Christmas - is in the sitting room. I've had a new carpet in the study and Dave thought I'd be bound to spill water on it when I was watering the tree, so it's in the sitting room with Dave's latest innovation...

What has got into him?

Anyway, we had our OFF Christmas family meal, presents and games on Saturday, and it was fabulous. I am so lucky to have such a lovely family, and a husband who is happy while hiding in the kitchen to do all the washing up.

And because my brother Pete was impressed yesterday when I told him the list of things I managed to cook in my small kitchen and normal sized cooker, I'm going to boast to you as well:
roast free-range chicken
veggie nut roast
veggie gravy
vegan nut roast
vegan gravy (admittedly ready-made from Waitrose)
roast potatoes 
baked potatoes
roast parsnips
pigs in blankets
force meat balls (a wartime recipe from my mother and my favourite part of the meal, I've decided)
I had intended to make bread sauce as well but as it's only me who likes it and things got a bit fraught towards the end, I missed it out.

My only disappointment was the quality of the roast potatoes, but it's hard making successful vegan roast potatoes, and the oven was rather full. The hordes wolfed them down anyway. 

Now it's a week of peace and quiet, writing, cycling, walking, and reading my new compendium of Nora Ephron's writing, The most of Nora Ephron.


Helen said...

I love those Christmas trees. You could put him to work and sell those easily, I'm sure. Impressed by your dinner arrangements, too - and thanks for the reminder that we need something for the vegan!

Sue Hepworth said...

The trees ARE adorable, Helen. The one at the bottom of the blog is mine and it has a variety of woods in it, which I like - oak, mahogany, beech, spalted beech and pine.
He won't sell them but he has been giving them away.
Happy Christmas!

marmee said...

I love the books christmas tree!! Absolutely love love it!

Unknown said...

I agree with Marmee, the tree of books is so fab. How earth did the books get chosen for such an auspicious place? LHR

Sue Hepworth said...

They were just the ones left behind when he grabbed armfuls from the full,shelf and piled them on the floor. Come know Dave.