Thursday, January 09, 2020

Hey ho

You know that petition I asked you to sign the other day?

Yesterday, the House of Commons rejected proposals to keep protections for child refugees in the redrafted EU withdrawal agreement bill. Oh my God, would it have hurt them to keep it in? The bill goes to the House of Lords next, so we're not yet entirely done.

When my blog posts are scanty, there are a number of possible reasons:
  1. I am ill
  2. I am tired
  3. I am fed up
  4. I am busy writing 
  5. I am busy doing something else
  6. I have nothing to say that I think will interest you
  7. I am away
In the present case it is 4 and 6. It was 3 as well, but I am keeping away from the news so 3 is waning. 

Please be patient. I’ll be back.  

And in the meantime, here are the girls in Colorado, for those of you who follow their progress...

photo by Isaac

photo by Isaac

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